Heroism and Shame

Session 2

Castle Assault

The party follows the direction of the dragon to ruin castle that has recently been occupied by a group of Elves from the Fasarkac clan (the Clan that Reynevan belongs to). They all have the same red eyes that Thoradin The Dwarf previously had. The team come up with excellent plan of taking out the archers based on the wall by sneaking around them and pushing them off into the dried out moat causing then to fall to their death. Reynevan uses his assassin skills to sneak up to eliminate the archers. Meanwhile Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard and Thoradin The Dwarf were to throw a lit torch to set alight the spilled oil that filled the castle court yard. Unfortunately after many attempts all they had managed to to was put on a nice light show of fire bolts and continuously dropping the torch they planned to throw. They where eventually spotted and this forced to party to charge in and finish off the remaining solders. In total the party murdered 12 Elves who they where aware that they where not acting of their own free will. Will there be consequences to their heinous actions?


The party goes on to investigate the rest of the castle. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard chooses to defile the statue of Imix by removing red encrusted gem. Everyone then goes to listen to a door where they can hear numerous squeaking an rustling. Crugetor The Cleric chooses to open the door and horde of rats charge them. During the onslaught Crugetor The Cleric was bitten and contracted rat aids (more commonly known as Filth fever). They then progress to the final room to see a portal with an encrypted message:


Fcrnx zl znfgref anzr naq V funyy bcra.”


Reynevan manges to crack the code revealing the message:


Speak my masters name and I shall open.”


Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard uses his knowledge of history recognising the designs on the portal as those associated with the fire demon Imix. He then uses his experience of arcana realising that this portal only has enough energy to send one person at a time with a 10 minute gap till it recharges. The party decides to send Reynevan first. What horrors await them at the end of this portal!



Side note: Reynevan was raped as a child (repressed memory).  In the rat room they found a body with a letter which Reynevan kept. The letter is addressed to Evva from Oshader who remain in their tribal village Fasarhac. Reynevan recognized the men he killed from his tribe. He had a sense of belonging to this tribe. Rumour has started to spread that Crugetor The Cleric slept with a ghoul.




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