Heroism and Shame

Session 3

Enters The Dungeon

Reynevan enters the dungeon where he is attacked by a ghoul. As the rest of party arrive they fend off the ghouls but one escapes into the darkness. The party decides to rest, however they failed to set up a watch giving the ghoul an opportunity to drag away Thoradin The Dwarf to his layer to silence the creature's hunger. The party ventures on and finds Thoradin The Dwarf who had defeated and skinned the ghoul to copy Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard excellently skinned wolf pelt which Crugetor The Cleric is very jealous of. The adventurers enter the next room of the dungeon where they creep past a sleeping hulking zombie. However, Reynevan set off the trap for the acid pit where he would remain for most of the encounter. The party prevails against the undead creatures and advance on laboratory where they see a disfigured goblin of multiple colours, clearly part of experimentation of potions. They find different colour of the vials on the alchemy table. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard does his best to identify the effects of the potions with varying degrees of success. In the hallway Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard inspect a red symbol sending him into a strange trance where he has a vision of Elara in pain, her eyes glowing red, then of his homeland being engulfed in a tsunami of fire followed by an image of Imix face maniacally laughing.


The adventures further explore the dungeon where they encounter fey creatures and wraiths. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard starts experimenting with the dust of the deceased fey creatures by ingesting it. This causes him to starting glowing like his whole body was made of magnesium and set alight. He then instructs Crugetor The Cleric and Reynevan to drink the potions found earlier. The most notable effects being a pimple that started growing on Crugetor The Cleric, which now has taken on the form of a mini Crugetor The Cleric and other being Reynevan turning into a green farting goblin. One the plus side this allows Reynevan to infiltrate the banquet being held to celebrate the return of Imix.


Side Note: Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard wolf pelt gets him known as the dire wolf. Crugetor The Cleric tried to chuck a rat at Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard coat and he countered with mage hand chucking it back at his face.



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