Heroism and Shame

Session 4

Saving The World?

After much noxious gas was passed by globlin green Reynevan due to the potion he drank, the halfling acting as master of ceremonies becomes suspicious. He starts to take on his true form, the goblins start running out the room in fear. Soon all that is left in the room is Reynevan and the dragon Europa. The party burst in to help their comrade. After much alcohol consumption Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard (by the barrel!) to strengthen his magic and much chandelier dropping by Reynevan the dragon was defeated. The adventures march through the last portal to where Iho is carried out his ritual using Elara body as host for Imix to return to this world. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard vision is starting to become a sobering reality.


Iho launches a powerful fireball at Crugetor The Cleric using the power of Imix skull to attempt to kill the parties healer. He then sets up a barrier and summons creates of fire to halt the adventures. Working as team the heroes defeat these creature and dispel the barrier. Leaving only one enemy in the way. Iho and Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard begin their epic battle by trading insults and magic missiles. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard realises that Iho is his twin brother as they both have each knee at different heights. It explains why his beard fused so easily to Iho faces. Iho uses this beard to get the best of Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard knocking him unconscious and near the brink of death. The rest of the party jumps in fend of Iho then suddenly Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard has resurgence of life and lands the finishing blow knocking him to the ground. Iho begins to plead for his life and returns the beard. However, Crugetor The Cleric and Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard both grab the beard fighting over who possesses it. They are completely oblivious to the fact that Elara is screaming in pain as the ritual continues for Imix to inhabit her body and carry out his plan of destroying this world with fire to make it a new plane of fire. Iho uses this moment to successfully escaping in a puff of smoke. Reynevan ends their squabbling between our heroes and they all combine their strength to attack the skull of Imix causing it to shattering and hopefully preventing the rituals success. They decide to split the pieces of the skull between them to prevent it being easily reformed.


They managed to save Elara and returned her to the village. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard gave her a business card requesting to train her in magic when she discovers her abilities. Eugand The Alcoholic Wizard reattaches his beard and they all now set off to Fallcrest in hopes of selling the riches they have obtained and for Crugetor The Cleric to have the removal of a complicated splinter and to see if his growth which has started talking can be removed.

Travis offers to take them despite their mistreatment towards him.



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